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Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful path into self exploration, self empowerment and healing. Drawing on concepts from ancient traditions, eastern approaches, various schools of psychology and research from modern consciousness theories, Breathwork provides a means to work on several levels of being; the physical, the emotional/psychological, and the spiritual, acting as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious.   We can easily breathe without thinking or being conscious. However, the breath is also one of the few things within the body than we can easily consciously control. 

On a physical level, breathing deeply and with awareness can actually begin to change the structure and functioning of the body. We begin to understand the subtle energy we are composed of, and learn to manage it for optimal health and growth. as well as gaining conscious influence over many of the processes once believed to be autonomic, such as our sleep cycle, recovery from injury and illness, and the functioning of the immune system. 

Breathing is the way we clean and renew not physically but also on an emotional/psychological level.  We are able to heal the wounds of unresolved trauma, at the deepest of levels.  We can be brought to the most intense experience of emotions so that they are felt with awareness and released from the the shadows.  Even without knowing where or how the pain developed it is still possible to clear it from our body/mind complex because breathing is the ultimate emnbodied experience and the most powerful and effective way to renew and restore.  

Through surrender of cognitive control, the spiritual aspect  of this holistic practice can be experienced where we expand our understanding of what it means to be human. This transcendance of our dualistic nature can be directly encountered through the undeniable feelings of oneness, gratitude, divine love, deep connection and compassion for ourselves, others, nature and life itself. 

By restoring dysfuntional breathing and allowing oxygen/energy to flow, we start to understand just how intricitely the breath shapes our lives and gain the power to live and breathe fully.


Master your breath, Master your Life. 

Conscious breath, Conscious Life. 


Trauma Release 

Clearing Physical, emotional and mental blockages




Balancing hormones

Balancing nervous system

Increasing Vitality and overall wellbeing 

Expanding consciousness and increasing positivity

*(This is not suitable for anyone with serious heart conditions, pregnant women, severe hypertension, recent surgery, broken bones or fractures, acute infectious diseases, epilepsy and some severe mental health conditions. Please contact your physician or get in touch for queries) 

In your breath is the beauty of your soul and your limitless nature
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One to One 

One to one sessions in the privacy of your own home or online via zoom are a sure way to deepen your practice. These sessions will be adapted to each individual in order to fully integrate information and create new patterns.  5 or 10 session packages are available and  recommended in order to action profound life changes. 

Pranayama and Breathing Techniques

Rebirthing Session


Private Groups 

Breathe together, heal together.

Organise a session for your loved ones or retreat guests where themes can be incorporated into the practice. 


Live Group & Online 

Stay in touch via social media to be updated on Live Group Session (Marbella, Berlin, London)


 Online Sessions via Zoom

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